General:September 2011 Edmonton workshop



Welcome to the homepage for the September 2011 Launch CWRCshop

Please join us to celebrate the formal launch of the CWRC infrastructure project to support collaborative online research on writing in and about Canada.

Please RSVP by September 22nd to

Location: Humanities Centre; rooms 1-11, 4-29, L3

[Further scheduling and location details to follow.]

Tentative Schedule

Thursday: CWRC launch

3:30-5:30 - Project Launch Celebration at Alumni House featuring Shawna Lemay and Aritha Van Herk

Friday: exploring tools

9:00 AM - Introduction of participants; overview of CWRC (Old Arts 112)

9:30 AM - Visualization and text analysis tools (Voyant): engaging with literary texts (Old Arts 112)

10:45 AM - Coffee break

11:00 AM - Visualization tools (Ovis, Six Degrees of Separation, Breadboard, Mandala) (Old Arts 112)

12:30 PM - Lunch

1:30 - Dr. Laura Mandell: workshop keynote (Humanities L-3)

3:00 PM - Coffee break

3:30 to 5:30 PM - Content management (JiTR)

6:30-8:30 - Book launch and casual dinner (optional)

Saturday: project-building day

9:00 AM - Authority lists, object-level metadata, and markup/text encoding. Tools: Table of Contexts, MODS editor, CWRCWriter.

12:30 AM - Lunch: breakout groups according to interests, including Emergent Scholars Group

2:00 PM - Policies: Project Charters; Terms of Use; Research support policies

3:30 PM - Coffee break

3:30 to 5:00 PM - Wrap-up; ways to stay involved


We will be testing evaluating a number of visualization tools for possible inclusion in CWRC. Some of these tools use Orlando project data as sample data. Others, however, allow you to import your own texts for visualization and analysis.

If you would like to play with materials that are relevant to your research, you will want to prepare them in advance so that you can import them into the tools. The instructions below are meant to be easy-to-follow directions that require only basic computer literacy. (If you have any suggestions for how the directions themselves could be made more user-friendly, please send them to cwrc [the at sign] ualberta [a dot] ca.

Corpus Creation Instructions

Below are instructions for creating corpora for use with the Voyeur and Mandala visualization tools.

Corpus Creation Instructions

Visualization Tools

Here is a link to a list of visualization tools that may be used in the workshop, with links to the tools and instructions on how to use them:

List of visualization tools