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The following are photos of residences in London in which Sara Jeannette Duncan lived. At the bottom I have posted photos of three residences which I did not identified suffuciently when I took the photos. The three addresses most likely attached to the unidentified photos are as follows: 24 Upper Addison Gardens, Kensington; 34 Wanrest Gardens, Kensington; 25 Bullingham Mansions, Kensington. Can anyone help identify them?

May 1889: 99 Gower Street, Bloomsbury, London
February 1890: 87 Glouchester Place, Portman Square, London: 
home of Everard Cotes’s uncle
March 1895: 24 Sussex Gardens, Kensington, London
February 1904: Empire Ladies’ Club, 
69 Grosvenor Street West, London
November 1905: 40 Iverna Court, Kensington, London
Autumn 1915: 22-36 Buckingham Gate, Westminster, London
1919: 17 Paulton’s Square, Chelsea, London
St. Giles's Church, Ashstead, Surrey, England: site of Sara Jeannette Duncan's grave
Sara Jeannette Duncan's grave
Sara Jeannette Duncan's gravestone
Please identify
Please identify
Please identify
Please identify
Please identify