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{{StoryTemplate |name = Kristine Moruzi |email = |role = Postdoctoral Fellow |inst = University of Alberta |field = Literature; Cultural Studies; History |selfDescription = I am a Grant Notley Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta. I am exploring depictions of Canadian girlhood in British and Canadian print culture between 1840 and 1940. |project = From Colonial to Modern is a collaborative project funded in part by the Australian Research Council and the University of Alberta. Three researchers - Dr. Michelle Smith from the University of Melbourne, Dr. Clare Bradford from Deakin University, and Dr. Kristine Moruzi from the University of Alberta - are examining depictions of Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand girlhood between 1840 and 1940 in British and colonial print culture. |story = Because this project involves researchers at three different institutions and in two countries, its success depends on our ability to share data and work collaboratively. We want to be able to keep abreast of each other's research by maintaining detailed records about the research findings (which could include a variety of material from magazine articles, books, advertisements, songs, photographs, and diaries). These records will include bibliographic details and also production details (such as who published it and where, and how/if the item traveled through the colonies). When feasible, we would also like to be able to share scanned images of the item. |scope = The collaborative aspect of this project strengthens the potential research outcomes. The tools that we develop and implement through CWRC would be helpful for other collaborative projects, especially those that are not co-located. |when = We have begun our research and are eager to establish a digital space where we can begin to share data and our ongoing analysis of the material. We haven't thought much about the possibilities of digitizing our material, in part because our funding doesn't allow for large-scale digitization. If the tools were available to quickly and easily OCR jpgs, for example, we would likely consider including such activities into our workplan. |keywords = Collaborate; Share; Annotate; Archive; Visualize; Publish |related-stories = |related-tools = }}