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{{StoryTemplate |name = Kristine Moruzi |email = |role = Postdoctoral Fellow |inst = University of Alberta |field = literature; cultural studies; history; gender |selfDescription = I am a Grant Notley Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta. I am currently researching representations of Canadian girlhood between 1840 and 1940. |project = From Colonial to Modern is a collaborative project funded in part by the Australian Research Council and the University of Alberta. Three researchers - Dr. Michelle Smith from the University of Melbourne, Dr. Clare Bradford from Deakin University, and Dr. Kristine Moruzi from the University of Alberta - are examining depictions of Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand girlhood between 1840 and 1940 in British and colonial print culture. |story = There are two basic motivations for our interest in CWRC. First, because the team is located across different institutions in two different countries, we need to be able to share our research findings. Second, because much of this print culture remains undigitized, we are interested in making our research available to other scholars and to the public. In these early days of our research, we haven't clearly identified the ways in which we would like to go forward. Ideally, some of the material will be scanned and OCRd if possible. Although this likely isn't feasible with 300-page novels, it could be viable for magazine articles and other shorter pieces. However, we still need to think through the ways in which this material could be presented to make it more accessible to a general public.

Another interesting aspect of this project includes mapping the locations where the texts were written, published, advertised, distributed and sold. We would like to begin to visualize the extent to which girls' colonial texts travelled (between London and the colonies; between the colonies). |scope = There are two public audiences for this material. Scholars should find the bibliographic work helpful in furthering their own research objectives. The public should find some of the material both interesting and visually appealing. The future possibilities (beyond our immediate collaborative needs) have yet to be clearly defined. |when = Future |keywords = Publish; Disseminate; Share; Map |related-stories = From Colonial to Modern - Working Collaboratively |related-tools = }}