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This wiki is the online working environment of the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC, pronounced "quirk") / Le Collaboratoire scientifique des écrits du Canada (CSÉC), an online infrastructure for literary research in and about Canada. Please go to our public website for general information.

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Core Infrastructure Development Projects:

Seed Projects

  • CWRC's database, ORCA (Online Research Canada) will be seeded with a range of materials relevant to the vast majority of inquiries into Canadian writing, drawn from existing datasets that will be converted and enhanced: biographical and bibliographical information, publishing data, chronological and geographical data. The seed projects will ensure that ORCA has a backbone of historical data on Canadian writers in multiple genres, including the women writers who are underrepresented in the print infrastructure, for the whole span of Canadian literary history. Inclusion of the crucial biographical and bibliographical information on more than 1000 such writers, coupled with the GIS datasets, will ensure that the database has sufficient critical mass to demonstrate to the scholarly community the immense advantages of communal data aggregation and federation.

Pilot Projects

  • These key projects, some of which are also seed projects, will help shape CWRC during its development and ensure that we have the functionality to support the broad range of anticipated research. They are designed to ensure that the ORCA database is equipped to support the use of the major types of media and file formats (e.g. plain text, HTML, encoded text, pdf, images, audio, and video). They are also designed to ensure that the Collaboratory can support diverse types of literary research and scholarly engagement, ranging from editing, producing a personal or shared research collection, or disseminating the results of a scholarly meeting, to producing born-digital critical scholarship. The pilot projects also range from research led and largely conducted by a single scholar to large team projects.

Technical Projects

  • These are the technical projects that together are developing the core CWRC infrastructure, comprised of the repository, a layer of web services, and a user interface. The platform development relies on the oversight and expertise of CWRC researchers, draws on the open-source software development community, and emerges from partnerships with various groups including the Software Engineering Research Lab, the University of Alberta Libraries, and private sector partners. Some components of the infrastructure are not yet in active development.

Research Projects:

Contributing Projects

  • These active research projects are major partners in the development of the Collaboratory, contributing in key ways to the platform development by contributing content, involving large communities of users, or directly collaborating in the production of components of the platform.

Affiliated Projects

  • These research projects include literary projects that plan to use the CWRC infrastructure, whose research interests are aligned with the project and whose needs are being taken into account in developing the infrastructure. This group also includes projects that are related to digital infrastructure development for literary studies, including digital humanities projects developing prototypes that may be developed into services for the Collaboratory.


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CWRC Workshop I: Critical and Editing Collaboratory Development Workshop

CWRCshop I program

CWRCshop I: summary

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Digital Humanities 2011: Visualization for Literary History

September 2011 Edmonton workshop

October 2011 Toronto workshop

May 2012 Ottawa workshop

September 2012 Public Poetics CWRCshop

HASTAC Storm of Progress CWRCshop

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