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Below is a series of tools. Some of them will be used in the workshop, while others are here for general reference. Click on the tools to view descriptions of them and instructions about how to use them. Please note that some of the descriptions of the tools have been derived from descriptions given in the DHSI coursepack, available below, and from the TAPoR tools page, available at


Workshop Tools


Voyant Word Trends

Voyant Cirrus

Voyant Links

Voyant Bubblelines

Voyant Scatterplot

Mandala Browser

Orlando Mandala

Degrees of Separation




CWRC Writer

Old Bailey Database Interface

Other Tools




Digital Humanities Summer Institute Coursepack

This coursepack comes in PDF format, and provides descriptions of the following tools:

  1. Chronology Visualization Applications
  2. Early English Books Online (EEBO)
  3. Hyperpo
  4. JiTR: Just in Time Research collections management and analysis environment
  5. Mandala Browser
  6. Many Eyes GIS
  7. Many Eyes Word Tree
  8. Metadata Offer New Knowledge (MONK)
  9. OJS Reading Tools
  10. Orlando: 6 Degrees of Connection
  11. Orlando: Women’s Writing in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present
  12. Pliny
  13. TextArc
  14. Voyant (under its former name of Voyeur)
  15. Women Writers Online (WWO)/ Renaissance Women Online (RWO)
  16. Wordhoard
  17. Wordle
  18. Zotero