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Call for Special Issue on Redesigning Peer Review Interactions Using Computer Tools

Peer review has long been a component of writing education, although often informally implemented in classrooms with mixed results. More recently, web technologies have enabled more regular use of formal peer review methods in a broad cross-section of classes across many disciplines. This transition enables computers to play new roles in writing, now supporting the peer review process rather than just the writing process. With new computer tools, for example, the following elements can be changed: how reviewers are matched with authors, how reviewers interact with each other, how reviewers interact with authors, how instructors interact with reviews, how instructors interact with other instructors about writing assignments, and how authors provide feedback on the reviews.

Submissions are to be made through the online system for the Journal. Include "Special Issue-Peer Review" at the front of the paper title.

Initial submissions: October 1, 2010 Review completed by: December 1, 2010 Revisions by: February 1, 2010

Guest Editors: Christian Schunn (| Kevin Ashley (| Ilya Goldin ( University of Pittsburgh