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Name: Susan Rudy


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Role: Researcher

Institution: University of Calgary

Field of Study/Creative Endeavor: Contemporary Poetry and Poetics; Feminist Theory; Experimental Writing; Women's Writing


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  • I am a professor, critic, editor, teacher, and, most recently, in collaboration with contemporary Canadian poets, compiler of digital archives. I have published several books, many book chapters, many articles and reviews and have edited several special issues of journals. For more information, see my website here. The digital tool I use most regularly is the template for preparing digital archives of public art provided to me by The Artmob Project at York University.


Please provide a short description of the larger project from which this story emerges.
  • My interest in participating in CWRC has developed out of my work as compiler of [1] The Fred Wah Digital Archive, and my collaboration with Montreal poet, translator, and public intellectual Erín Moure on The Erín Moure Digital Archive as Living Knowledge Site.


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* Edit
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* Collaborate
* Integrated History of Women's Writing in Canada
* Orlando


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