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Name: heather zwicker


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Role: researcher

Institution: university of alberta - faculty of arts

Field of Study/Creative Endeavor: cultural studies, feminism and postcolonialism are my preoccupations


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i'm an associate professor of english as well as an associate dean responsible for graduate studies in the faculty of arts at the university of alberta. fair to say that my enthusiasm for digital methods outweighs my knowledge: buying my first mac changed my life. my investment in cwrc has more to do with the collaboratory aspects than the integrated history component.


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multimedia edmonton: a collaborative set of contestatory representations using sound, photography, GIS, narrative, possibly film


researchers in departments of english, art, latin american studies, french, geography, and digital humanities upload a collection of representations of edmonton. some of them are stories, some of them are photographs connected to a particular place, some are sounds - for instance, a soundscape for a particular street or segment of the river valley. using the cwrc collaboratory, we can see what each other has accomplished, and possibly modify it (this would be worked out within the research cell or "factory"). we would be able to manipulate the representations as we wanted, either by genres ("show me all photos") or by region ("show me everything about the edmonton river valley") or by contributor ("show me everything mo has produced") or by other tagged data like date, recreation, etc. eventually it would be nice to be able to produce mapped overlays a la hypercities (, and to include archival data.

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Scope: probably not of wide interest since most collaborators are interested in literature, but i do see the GIS component as being of some use to others.

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Keywords: ditigal, multimedia, share, collaborate, photography, narrative, GIS, map, edmonton, network, archive, city

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